Bills Introduced to the Rhode Island House (Judiciary Committee), February 8-10

Significant Rewrites with Statewide Impact

H5287Changes various exemptions to the “Hazardous Waste Cleanup” law.
H5289Would require sellers of electronic equipment and/or power tools to be licensed by the Attorney General.
H5308Privileges communications between public-safety personnel and their “critical incident stress management team or peer-support members”.
H5311From the official description: “This act would repeal all Class N nightclub licenses which allow persons under the age of twenty-one (21) on the premises of an establishment where alcoholic beverages are served”.
H5312Requires use of e-verify for RI employers with 3 or more employees

Targeted Changes with Statewide Impact

H5288Individuals who volunteer in schools can run a preemptive police background check run on themselves.
H5290A renter who intends to grow medical marijuana on rental property must inform the landlord of that fact, and the landlord may refuse to rent to that person on this grounds, if he or she so chooses.
H5294“The various local police departments of the state may offer to perform, free of charge, a state criminal records background check for any person seeking to work with children in a civic, religious or youth organization; provided said person submits a records release authorization.”
H5309The official description says: “This act would clarify that conservation easements are not terminated if a property is merged or sold at a tax sale”. The bill does this by adding a “such as but not limited to” clause to some very technical legal language.
H5310Leases cannot include clauses limiting a tenant from inviting contractors onto the premises to provide repairs or services.

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