Cicilline Goes National

Thanks to left-leaning Politico, Congressman Cicilline is getting some national pub for his Providence past. The lede:

So much for the honeymoon period.
Less than three months into his first term, Rep. David Cicilline (D-R.I.) has nose-dived in the polls and is under fire back home in Providence, the embattled city where he served as mayor before winning election to Congress.

Not quite the type of national pub Cicilline is looking for.

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Max Diesel
Max Diesel
12 years ago

I know these guys all have canned responses but after a half dozen media outlets, you’d think Cicilline would have changed it up a little.

12 years ago

Yes, all he can do, Max, is cling desperately to and repeat, in Rain Main fashion, a couple of very broad lines about the bad economy and the state cutting aid. He knows he doesn’t dare get into any of the specifics of his role because almost nothing he did during the last 6 months (year?) of his tenure is in any way defensible. Like, not defensible politically to the constituents and, potentially, not defensible in law, especially as it would relate to the fiduciary component of the mayor’s position.
In that last regard, does anyone know for how long he and his admin refused to give any numbers to the city’s Internal Auditor?

joe bernstein
joe bernstein
12 years ago

Monique-you’re right-he does have a little “rainman”response to almost any tough question-a breathy little rant mouthing the same tired phrases over and over.

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