Not (Hiring) Just Another Pretty Face

It’s a travesty I tell ya!

Staff in personnel departments are overwhelmingly female, typically single and aged 29 on average, the researchers found….The research, published by The Royal Economic Society, involved sending more than 5,300 CVs for 2,650 job vacancies. For each job, two applications were sent. One contained a photograph of an attractive man or woman, or a plain-looking man or woman. The other CV was identical, but did not contain a photograph.
Nearly 20 per cent of attractive men got an interview.
But only 12.8 per cent of attractive women fared as well.
Of plain men, 9.2 per cent got an interview, compared with 13.6 per cent of plain women. Men who did not attach a picture were asked for interview 13.7 per cent of the time, compared with 16.6 per cent of women.
Bradley Ruffle, from the Department of Economics at Ben-Gurion University in Israel, which carried out the study along with the Ariel University Centre in the West Bank, said it was an example of ‘beauty discrimination’.

So don’t send a picture, ladies. Or dress down. Or something.

For the best chance of getting an interview, a woman should send in a CV without a picture, he said.
He blamed ‘the high number of women in human resources staffing positions’. It is their job to look through a mountain of CVs and job applications to decide who should be asked for an interview, and who should not.
When they see an application from a pretty woman, researchers said, many of these staff feel extremely ‘jealous’ of their potential colleague and often reject her instantly.
To check this stereotype, researchers telephoned the companies who were recruiting to find out about the people who screened the candidates.
They found that 96 per cent were female, the majority were between the ages of 23 and 34 and nearly 70 per cent were single.


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