Legislative Alerts from the RI Tea Party, May 18 – 19

Because the RI General Assembly website was down all weekend and then again for at least some period of time of Monday night, I wasn’t able to produce my summary of bills on the usual schedule, and a few other commitments this week are preventing me from catching up in a timely fashion, so in order to provide a brief update on what is happening on Smith Hill (beyond the passage of the civil unions bill in House committee last evening) I will pass along the Rhode Island Tea Party‘s alerts on what’s happening in legislative committees this week

A Bill to lock down retired employee benefits as property rights…[and] end-run around the unsettled matter of law regarding property rights of retiree benefits. (Senate Labor Committee, May 18)
A Bill to Exempt $2 Million from Estate Tax. (Senate Finance Committee, May 19)
A Bill to increase estate tax exemption from $850,000 to $1,500,000 (Senate Finance Committee, May 19)
A Bill to combine corporate tax reporting with other states (House Finance Committee, May 19)

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13 years ago

Andrew: Could you please give us updates/status of these bills? I understand there was no hearing on the bill about pensions being property rights … they are rewording it..what about combined reporting in the House?
Thank you!

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