General Assembly

David Morales and Sam Bell with a socialist symbol

Representative David Morales and Senator Sam Bell are overt socialists.

By Justin Katz | September 16, 2021 |

Literally.  Here’s the headline of an interview they did with Jacobin, an explicitly socialist magazine: “Socialist Legislators Are Taking on Rhode Island’s Ultraconservative Democrats.” It shows you how frighteningly radical these people are that they say, apparently with a straight face, that Rhode Island’s leading Democrats are “ultraconservative.”  Naturally, this is standard language for Bell, who…

Ray Rickman and Mike Stenhouse on State of the State

State of the State: Ray Rickman for RI Senate

By Mike Stenhouse | September 15, 2021 |

Ray Rickman and Mike Stenhouse discuss Rickman’s experience and plans if he’s elected to the state Senate.

Rhode Island General Assembly redistricting commission 09/09/21

RI General Assembly Republicans follow the science.

By Justin Katz | September 10, 2021 |

Yesterday, Patrick Anderson of the Providence Journal tweeted the picture used as the featured image in this post.  As Anderson notes, the masking is entirely according to partisan lines.  Unmasked (left to right) are Senators Jessica de la Cruz and Gordon Rogers and Representatives David Place and Brian Newberry. The follow-up comments are interesting, too.  Far-left…

Reps Casimiro & Chippendale with Richard August

State of the State: Legislation of 2021 General Assembly Session

By Richard August | September 2, 2021 |

Representatives Julie Casimiro and Mike Chippendale join host Richard August for a review of the legislative session this past spring.

Gustave Courbet's The Stormy Sea (The Wave)

Politics This Week with John DePetro: A Storm of Bias

By Justin Katz | August 23, 2021 |

John DePetro and Justin Katz discuss the ways in which the movers and shakers in RI avoid things everybody knows.

A more-descriptive restroom sign

Thanks to McKee and the General Assembly, 2021 is the year Rhode Islanders lost religious freedom.

By Justin Katz | August 6, 2021 |

The amazing thing, when government officials establish a religion, is that everything becomes clear and easy.  Through a clerisy, their god (even if it is an undefined Great Progressive Spirit) tells them what is right and wrong, and they simply conform the law to those requirements.  Anybody who believes differently has to put their beliefs…

A solar farm in the forest.

It’s starting to seem like the solar industry is a gift to the Chinese coal industry… as well as slavers and dictators.

By Justin Katz | August 3, 2021 |

Rick Moran writes for PJ Media: Manufacturing solar panels is a dirty business. Starting with the raw mineral quartz, the refining process produces a highly toxic substance, silicon tetrachloride, that some manufacturers simply end up dumping. Huge amounts of power and heat must be used to manufacture the photovoltaic cells. Since most solar cells in the…

Patricia Morgan and Richard August on State of the State

State of the State: Critical Race Theory in Public Schools

By Richard August | July 21, 2021 |

The Left is pulling out the stops to prevent our state from understanding critical race theory and the degree to which racism is harming our residents.

Shadowy RI State House

The General Assembly should pay much less… or much more.

By Justin Katz | July 16, 2021 |

Katherine Gregg reminds Rhode Islanders, via the Providence Journal, that representatives and senators in the state General Assembly get a raise when the country experiences inflation: On July 1, their annual salaries went up by $199.63, from $16,635.74. to $16,835.37 a year. (The House speaker and Senate president make double that amount.) And no, they did not…

Silhouette of a stickup

Progressives don’t want more information about the weapons used in crimes.

By Justin Katz | July 14, 2021 |

Anita Baffoni reports for WPRI on the decision of Democrat Governor Dan McKee to take the middle path between vetoing a bill and signing it — allowing it to become law without his signature — on a bill that modifies what must be reported when guns are used in crimes.  Most notably, the bill, which…

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