Big Brother Hacker is Watching???

Though I didn’t quite know how to react at first – technically, isn’t an Apple store a public place? – this man’s actions were undoubtedly weird, if not creepy.

The US Secret Service has raided the home of an artist who collected images from webcams in a New York Apple store.
Kyle McDonald is said to have installed software that photographed people looking at laptops then uploaded the pictures to a website. …
Kyle McDonald’s images were uploaded to a page on the blogging site Tumblr.
In the description of People Staring at Computers, the project is described as: “A photographic intervention. Custom app installed around NYC, taking a picture every minute and uploading it if a face is found in the image.
“Exhibited on site with a remotely triggered app that displayed the photos full screen on every available computer.”
The site features a video and series of photographs, apparently showing shoppers trying-out computers.

So if this had been Apple security making sure that people weren’t prying and pocketing pieces of their laptops, that would have been one thing. But because this was a private individual doing the … er, surveillance, it’s a problem. (Right?) Even if it was For The Sake of Art …

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