Redistricting Mess a Clean Win for Cicilline

Question: does the money spent on redistricting get counted as campaign contributions for Rep. David Cicilline? The ProJo reports that Rep. Jim Langevin (among others) isn’t happy about this:

Rep. Jim Langevin is accusing fellow Democrat David Cicilline of trying to use congressional redistricting to aid his re-election.
A redistricting plan unveiled Monday night would transfer Republican-heavy districts in Burrillville, Smithfield and North Smithfield from Cicilline’s district into Langevin’s. Cicilline would pick up Democratic-leaning districts in Providence now represented by Langevin.
Campaign spokesmen for Republican candidates John Loughlin and Brendan Doherty say officials crafting changes to the districts appear to be favoring Cicilline.
The freshmen Democrat says he has not tried to influence the state’s redistricting efforts to his advantage. Langevin’s district director, Kenneth Wild, says Cicilline’s claim is “blatantly disingenuous.”

There can be little doubt of that. From Ted Nesi:

A whopping 125,000 Rhode Islanders will switch congressional districts next year despite a population shift of just 7,200 if the state’s redistricting commission approves a new map unveiled Monday to the dismay of Congressman Jim Langevin and local Republicans.

That’s a lot of movement for a little change. As with the other models, this one benefits Rep. Cicilline. The fix was, is and will be in.

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12 years ago

“Question: does the money spent on redistricting get counted as campaign contributions for Rep. David Cicilline?”
GREAT question.
Once again, David Cicilline is furiously manipulating numbers solely for his own personal advantage. Shame on the General Assembly for acting as his co-conspirator.

Tommy Cranston
Tommy Cranston
12 years ago

“Shame on the General Assembly for acting as his co-conspirator.”
Not “the General Assembly” but a handful of his fellow homosexual pathics.
Most of the world’s nations shun these creatures; many imprison them; more than a few execute them.
We, by contrast, turn back the clock 25 centuries and not only tolerate but accept and promote this disease spreading culture-destroying filth.
Anyone still think this will be “another American century”?

12 years ago

WOW – shun, imprison, execute

joe bernstein
joe bernstein
12 years ago

Cicilline will be facing the PROCAP investigation;the Federally funded loan scandal seperate from PROCAP;and the possibility that Angel Taveras might not endorse him.If Taveras merely doesn’t endorse Cicilline without even endorsing anyone else it will speak volumes.
Much more so than those two miserable ethnic pimps Pichardo and Diaz.
Taveras has a lot of support across the board,way beyond the Hispanic community.
Cicilline is the local version of the Boogy Woogy Man from “The Nightmare Before Christmas”-a bag filled with pustulant filth awaiting only a strategic thread being pulled to finally expose the rotteness.
Gemma or Sherman might topple the little a**hole from his perch in a primary.
Even if he wins,if the Republican candidate turns out to be Doherty,Cicilline will find that his opponent is pretty popular with a lot of people in Providence,including many in the “minority”communities.

Warrington Faust
Warrington Faust
12 years ago

Posted by Tommy Cranston
“We, by contrast, turn back the clock 25 centuries and not only tolerate but accept and promote this disease spreading culture-destroying filth.”
TC misses the historic rhythm of these things. The world has proceeded through cycles of tolerance and intolerance. “25 centuries” ago, Rome had a gay emperor (the name slips my mind). All went well until he announced that he was going to have himself emasculated to better please his partner. The Senate had him executed and “tolerance” went into decline. Gibbon notes that of the first fifteen Roman Emperors, “Claudius was the only one whose taste in love was entirely correct.”
More recently, we have the example of the Weimar Republic; a period of great “tolerance”. Followed by the Nazis, who were “intolerant” in the extreme. History abounds with such examples, I doubt human nature has altered itself. Most ancient periods of “tolerance” were tied to women being “off limits”. Ancient Greek soldiers who were not allowed to marry until age 35, modern day Arab cultures where “boy servants” abound.

12 years ago

What’s so disheartening is how the “suburban block” in the General Assembly has the numbers to block any legislation that continually favors the urban centers yet they never utilize their numbers to favor their own communities.
David Ciciline is a sleazy dirtbag of epic porportion even by Rhode Island standards. I guess the Dems are rigging the game in hopes that the Latino vote is as blind and foolish as the black vote.
I have my doubts about that.
Does this help Cicilline?? Yes.
Can a man with statewide cache like Brendan Doherty overcome it?? Yes.
Doherty is going to pull far more Democrat votes than Loughlin did in the past or would in the future.
This race needs to be all about David Cicilline and his corrupt mayoral career in Providence and how RI deserves better.

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