Langevin’s Challenger (Riley) Attracts Potential $upport From National Organization

The Providence Journal’s John Mulligan reports.

The leader of a conservative group that spent about $165,000 to attack then-congressional candidate David N. Cicilline in 2010 wants to help unseat Rep. James R. Langevin in 2012, he said Monday.
Democrat Langevin is “a tax-and-spend liberal” who faces a “viable” challenger in Republican Michael G. Riley, said Christopher Stenberg of Americans for Common Sense Solutions. Riley has already demonstrated a willingness to tap his personal assets for the race, he said, while incumbent Langevin “has a weakness in his own fundraising.”

What’s interesting is not just that a Republican candidate – two, actually, the group will also be supporting Brendan Doherty – would receive support from a national organization. (John Loughlin was also a recipient of this organization last election.) It’s that it would happen so early in the campaign.
On behalf of Rhode Islanders who would like to see more domestic oil flowing into the world’s supply, who would like far fewer tax dollars flowing from our wallets to fiscally unsustainable green manufacturing, and who don’t appreciate being dictated to about light bulbs (to pick just one issue – energy – about which Congressman Langevin is seriously misguided), let me say: thanks, “Americans for Common Sense Solutions“. We appreciate all the assistance we can get in dislodging our bad congressmen.
(I’m having a nice, serene day. So for the moment, I’m not going to link to or even think about just HOW BAD the congressman from the first district is. He might be knocked out in a primary – oooohmmm. He might not run at all. Oooooooohmmm.)

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