Iowahawk On the Fiscals of Romney Vs Obama

Presumably referencing the divisive and pointless class war which the campaign of President Barack Obama (and Senator Sheldon Whitehouse) feels it needs to wage in order to win re-election, David Burge, aka Iowahawk, tweeted this remark Friday night. (H/T Instapundit Glenn Reynolds.)

Apparently, I’m supposed to be more angry about what Mitt Romney does with his money than what Barack Obama does with mine.

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12 years ago

Hussein Obama…”Yes we can”…..divide and conquer with a willing state run media. Wait until 2013. All taxes will skyrocket and the Bush tax cuts expire.The USA already has the highest corporate tax in the world. Hussein’s vison is taking hold. Make the US a 3rd world country. One where his brother the Kenyan ghetto dweller would feel comfortable living in.

Karen W
Karen W
12 years ago

The name of the game (shell game) is ‘watch this hand, while all the time the action is going on in the other one. I am supposed to watch Mitt, or anyone else doing something I wouldn’t do with their money, Hmmm. It’ when he forces us to turn our decisions about our health over to the Czars that this will tell.

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