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[11:19] Matt Allen on WPRO is saying all the major networks all calling the Presidential race for Barack Obama.
[10:58] MN called for Obama by NBC. Obama in OH 50-48, with 2/3 of the vote reporting, and 70% of Cuyahoga County (Cleveland) left to report. Obama’s Electoral College lead looks pretty solid at this point.
[10:20] Another direct Ted Nesi tweet: “JUST IN: Gordon Fox defeats Mark Binder 3348 to 2472, or 57.5% to 42.5%. A clear victory for the speaker after a tough challenge.”
[10:16] Direct from the BoE, with 5 of 5 precincts reporting, incumbent Republican State Representative Dan Reilly has lost to Linda Finn in District 72.
[10:11] Bob Plain is tweeting that Gordon Fox is behind by 54 votes, with 77% of the vote in.

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10 years ago

Apparently folks in RI and nationally are just hunky-dory with the way things are and the direction things are headed.
Continued overspending, ever-enlarging government (encroaching into every aspect of our lives)… the funny part is that in this day and age people label themselves “moderates” when they have NO idea what that actually means.
Liberal (aka progressive) IS the new “moderate”.
If the “center” has truly shifted that far left, stop the bus I want off…

10 years ago

I under estimated how far our country has fallen. Obama has another 4 years. I fear what will happen with Obamacare, the debt, foreign policy, new taxes,etc. The country is at a very dangerous point right now. I do not know if we will recognize it a few years from now. In 1980 the US was in a bad place. Reagan replaced the disaster Jimmy Carter and the US started to mend. No one is to replace Obama. The thing that troubles me is the populace of our country. The producers and WWII generation are being replaced by illegal immigrants, record food stamp recipients and people faking disabilities to continue assistance when their unemployment runs out. Someone is paying (or not paying…witness the debt). This also includes,sadly, my sister who lives in RI and thinks “grants” from the govt. are paid for by the govt..The national debt now is estimated at $219,000. per person (everyone…including infants).The USA has many challenges. It’s biggest challenge is coming from within. We have an incompetent imposter in the White House. He is taking the US down the road to destruction. RI voted 2nd highest margin in US for Obama. God help us all.

10 years ago

Greetings from my new home in Virginia (which despite the results of certain races was still highly competitive all across the board well into the evening). If I may state it as plainly as possible: “Laffey was right.” Rhode Island is beyond the point of no return. It’s over. If you’re a maker and not not a taker, or even minimally productive, or aspire to something more than being the recipient of a government check each month, Rhode Island is not the place for you. You have options, almost every one of them better. Leave if you can and you will almost certainly not regret it. Please don’t keep trying to convince yourself that it’s going to get better. It won’t. With what happened to the GOP candidates in Rhode Island tonight, both on the federal and state level, I don’t even have the appropriate words in my vocabulary to use, nor frankly really care enough to dwell on it all that much. As far as I’m concerned, Rhode Island has made its bed of nails and now it can lay in it. Enough people in Rhode Island like being in last place, or are deluded enough to think that voting for more of the same is going to get them something new, that it’s not worth trying to expend any great effort to change the minds of irrational people. As for the RIGOP, and nearly all of you who are actively involved in it are my friends, please understand that it’s really not the party or even the message at fault (although the message can always be delivered better), it’s about the kind of people hearing the message. Not enough of them want what we have to offer them, and I really don’t think that its worth the time,… Read more »

10 years ago

Welcome to Virginia, Will. I was sorry to see our state go to Obama by a very slim margin last night, but the state remains a Republican-controlled, low-tax, business-friendly state where merit is generally valued and dependency is frowned upon. Rhode Island is a lost cause by any honest appraisal, as this election demonstrated. The biggest difference any clear-thinking, honest individual can make is moving out of the state and denying the progressive kingmakers and central economic planners hundreds of thousands of dollars in future taxes.

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