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[9:52] Ted Nesi: “Cicilline up by nearly 10,000 votes now with 88% of precincts reporting.”
[9:44] Multiple sources reporting that Cicilline is opening up a 3% or so lead.
[9:40] Cicilline ahead of Doherty, 47.3-46.3, 59% percent of precincts in. And there are still a bunch of “delayed” Providence votes to arrive.
[9:36] Multiple sources have called NH for the President. With 45% in, NBC says Obama has a 51-48 lead in CO. Meanwhile, Obama is leading 53-46 in OH (also NBC). If the Prez wins both of those, that just about seals it.
[9:34] 81% in in FL, according to NBC. Romney and Obama separated by 400 votes.
[9:30] ABC says PA goes to Obama (via Haberman). NBC says WI goes to Obama. Not looking good for Romney.
[9:15] 76% in in Florida. Romney/Obama is 50-50.
[9:09] Ian Donnis (and the BoE by the time I finished typing this) reporting that Cale Keable defeats Donald Fox in Burrillville.
[9:06] Bill Haberman of WPRO is reporting that incumbent Republicans Frank Maher and Glen Shibley look like they will lose their Senate races.
[9:05] Looking hyperlocal for some good news; Don Botts has won his City Council race in Cranston.
[9:01] …but you have to believe the precincts in Providence that are still voting are going to break heavily for Cicilline.

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