Biden’s rhetoric is sleazy, lying snake-oil salesman stuff.

It’s getting pretty hard to take this stuff:

President Joe Biden pointed to the U.S. competition with China as a reason for America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, in a speech on Aug. 31 declaring the end of the 20-year conflict in the war-torn nation. …

“It’s about ending an era of major military operations to remake other countries,” he added.

Now, Biden said the United States should focus on threats coming from Russia and above all China. …

“We have to shore up America’s competitive[ness] to meet these new challenges in the competition for the 21st century.”

It’s such obvious bull.  This administration has done breathtaking work over its short several months undermining America’s competitiveness in everything from the military to energy.  The botched withdrawal from Afghanistan will likely be seen to rank among the greatest military failures of history.

They’re gaslighting weakness as strength, and it’s utterly transparent.

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