Education policy is a massive opportunity for Republicans across demographics, and justifies boldness and risk.

Of course, having said the same for many years, I think that Newt Gingrich is completely right here:

Education is increasingly a policy issue which favors Republicans. …

The fight over school performance has expanded as the Big Government Socialists move on multiple fronts to undermine traditional learning. Honor programs are being eliminated, and grading standards are being weakened—or in some cases abolished. Radical values are being enforced as education is replaced by indoctrination. Critical race theory is being practiced, so that white students are told they are racists, and black students are told they are irrevocably oppressed. Long-accepted, scholarly history is being replaced by political distortion and exaggeration. Radical gender policies are being adopted—including allowing boys who claim to be female access to girl’s bathrooms and locker rooms.

Again:  For conservatives, education is a rich fruit with a tough skin.  You’ll have to explain.  You’ll have to persuade.  You’ll have to address concerns about the risk.  But when you succeed, the payoff will be huge.

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