State of the State: Aristocats, Reconfigured

Aristocats, reconfigured (11-22-21) from John Carlevale on Vimeo.

Aristocats band members Lloyd Kaplan (eader, saxophone, clarinet, vocals), Joe Holtzman (drums), Stan Holtzman (keyboard), and Dennis Pratt (bass, vocals) join host John Carlevale. After two years of not performing music due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the death of band member Nat Piccirilli, the Aristocats have regrouped and reconfigured. They are performing once again. We meet the newest member of the band and reconnect with former members. They perform some of greatest songs by some of the most famous writers of music. This special production is dedicated in memory of Nat Piccirilli, who appears at the end in a brief video of his last performance on State of the State at age 97.

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