Did somebody take over Cicilline’s Twitter, or is polling data scaring Democrats?

John DePetro caught a curious tweet from Rhode Island’s radical Congressman, Democrat David Cicilline:

These smash and grab retail crimes are outrageous! Retailers & small biz have suffered enough from pandemic. Shoppers shouldn’t be terrorized by these criminals. Thx. to police for all they’re doing!

John notes the contrast with Cicilline’s usual rhetoric and speculates:

Perhaps this could be a sign just how nervous democrats are about 2022 and how the Progressive tone of the party is causing panic. There is rumor a Progressive female candidate may challenge Cicilline in a Democrat primary.

I’m not sure Cicilline would react to a progressive primary challenger by moving to the political right, but his party has gone so far left that any moderation at all feels almost like a party switch.

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