State of the State: Living Successfully with Visual Impairment

Living Successfully with Visual Impairment (3/28/22) from John Carlevale on Vimeo.

Michael Prusko talks with Darlene D’Arezzo about his experience of visual impairment. Prusko began to experience vision problems at age 45. Over time, he was seen by four different eye doctors and was eventually diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa. He takes us step by step through this diagnostic process. His condition progressively worsened, and eventually he retired from his job. A variety of life changes were made in order to begin to manage his loss of sight more adequately. He acknowledges the support from his wife, children, and various helping professionals. Prusko has learned to use various prosthetic devices and a few very helpful technology tools. He cites a couple of organizations that were helpful to his learning to live successfully with his vision loss.

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