Fake politician wearing a smiling character's mask and hiding is real identity

Politics This Week: Fraudulent Faces in RI Government

By Justin Katz | May 6, 2023 |

John DePetro and Justin Katz discuss the costliness of Rhode Island government’s decisions.

Darlene D'Arezzo and Michael Prusko on State of the State

State of the State: Living Successfully with Visual Impairment

By Darlene D'Arezzo | May 1, 2022 |

Michael Prusko talks with Darlene D’Arezzo about his experience of visual impairment.

Construction workshop

Oncology and Studs

By John Loughlin | April 30, 2022 |

John Loughlin talks with Dr. Timothy Shafman and Phil Nigro, inventor of the Stud Grabber.

Paul Rianna at a protest

An Introduction to Independent Candidate for Governor Paul Rianna

By Justin Katz | February 2, 2022 |

Paul Rianna is seeking to build on his experience organizing protests as he campaigns for Rhode Island government’s top executive position.

Interview with RI’s Education Commissioner

By Justin Katz | April 21, 2010 |

Rhode Island Commissioner of Elementary and Secondary Education Deborah Gist has reworked her office space. The unguided visitor would surely pass her desk by, thinking it that of a secretary — although a secretary to whom it would not be clear, because she has knocked down the wall to the large corner office and transformed…

A Fireside Chat with Dan

By Justin Katz | August 6, 2009 |

Alright, there wasn’t really a fire, but since we’re talking radio, I like to imagine that there was one. Dan Yorke and I had that sort of conversation, yesterday, on 630AM/99.7FM WPRO. Those who missed it or who would like to revisit something (for kind or scurrilous reasons) can stream the whole segment (about an…

Sitting Down with the Treasurer

By Justin Katz | January 21, 2009 |

RI General Treasurer Frank Caprio invited Anchor Rising for a sit-down chat in his office last night, centering on pension issues, but touching on various other matters. In general, I think the four of us in attendance were reasonably impressed with the treasurer’s explanations for economic policies and his knowledge of political history in Rhode…

Rescuing Providence, Rescuing Everywhere

By Carroll Andrew Morse | February 7, 2008 |

Throughout his book Rescuing Providence chronicling an emergency medical services shift in the city of Providence, Lt. Michael Morse never shies away from offering social commentary relevant to the calls that he and his partners Mike and Renato answer. Here’s an example, from page 69…The Charlesgate apartments are another high-rise. Elderly residents are still the…

Meet Jonathan Wheeler, Candidate For State Representative, District 22

By Carroll Andrew Morse | November 26, 2007 |

This Tuesday, there will be a special election in House District 22 (Warwick) to fill the seat of former state Representative Peter Ginaitt, who resigned at the end of the 2007 session. Running as a Republican in the race is Jonathan Wheeler. Mr. Wheeler has juxtaposed at his campaign website a set of numbers he…

Mitt Romney on Social Issues

By Carroll Andrew Morse | January 29, 2007 |

I know. I’m not supposed to be posting anything on the 2008 Presidential campaign before June. However, I’m adding a codicil to my New Year’s resolution: I can make an exception when able to present primary-source material about a Presidential candidate (or someone with a Presidential exploratory committee) that adds to a discussion area already…