Primer on the Insanity of the 14th-Amendment Solution

Let’s go through all of the basics.  Most basic of all:  A debt remains real, even when you don’t have the money to pay it.

And what makes a debt real? Basically, a debt is real when the parties who agreed to it and other parties around them agree that something bad will happen, if it is not paid.

Everyone already understands that the United States of America missing a national debt payment leads to something bad. Ergo, no one is questioning the validity of the National Debt of the United States, and there is no action that the President of the United States or any other branch of government needs to take or can take to further establish its validity.

The United States Constitution authorizes several ways for Congress to raise money to pay a valid debt.  The primary ones are laying and collecting taxes and borrowing money on the credit of the United States.

The President has no more power to pay a valid debt by borrowing money without Congressional authorization than he does to pay a valid debt by raising taxes without Congressional authorization.

Any attempt by the President to borrow money without Congressional authorization would constitute an unlawful suspension of the United States Constitution, and would be every bit as egregious as the President decreeing that he had suspended the Constitution so that he could impose taxes without Congressional approval.

We live in strange times when the progressive left wants the President of the United States to unilaterally terminate the American government’s Constitutional revenue and appropriations process, in order to guarantee that big financiers never face risk.


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Rhett Hardwick
Rhett Hardwick
1 year ago

Weimar republic?

Donna J Cook
9 months ago

The 14th amendment, how does it relate to how Executive orders work? Pres Biden wants to eliminate student debt and transfer the burden to me, the taxpayer, without Congressional approval and the appropriation of funding this burden as I’m asked to pay someone else’s debt.

Many of the Executive orders fund programs or give money for their favorite agenda, such as Solyndra, without Congressional approval, how is that Constitutional regarding the 14th amendment? The taxpayer was stuck with the bankruptcy.

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