A little math on illegal immigrants should be the headline.

Place these two paragraphs from a recent Amy Russo article in the Providence Journal next to each other, and the real headline emerges:

From July into September, Jallow said about 50 migrants arrived in the state by plane from the southern border. Yet they come from a wide array of countries, including Afghanistan, Senegal and the Congo, as well as Guatemala, Mexico and Honduras. …

Jallow said previously she might have seen only one migrant per month – not counting the many refugees the center has served. Being deemed a refugee is a legal process that involves a lawyer and court proceedings required to gain asylum as a person who was persecuted or in mortal danger in their home country.

One migrant per month compared with about 50 in two months.  That’s an increase of 25 times.

Our government is deliberately repopulating our country to change it from within.

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