Looks like progressives are finally managing to drag down East Greenwich to rest-of-RI status.

Accept no rationalizations. This is the result of the rising tide of typical Rhode Island bad governance finally reaching the state’s high points:

Classes have been canceled for students and staff again at East Greenwich High School.

The superintendent sent an email to parents Wednesday night with the announcement.

According to the superintendent, the school had been dealing with several issues over the last week.

I’ve heard that real estate agents helping high-income people from out of state find housing in RI take them straight to Barrington and East Greenwich. Folks should understand that it is a deliberate objective goal of “equity” progressives to leave them nowhere to go.

John DePetro suggests this will be a voting issue, which means it will be a test of how far progressives have gotten in their takeover.

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3 months ago

[…] turn to the sort of life young high-earners tend to want to live.  Even East Greenwich can’t keep up its school system, and as we’ve just discovered with the Washington Bridge, we’re […]

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