It’s not a good sign when a museum of government is the best use of prime real estate.

The signs of Rhode Island’s decline are piling up, but here’s a small one worth noting:

Once considered a pipe dream, a new $100 million Rhode Island state archives museum is closer than ever to being built. …

… McKee’s office has asked to investigate whether the land next door to the Providence Amtrak station might be a better option, Amore said in an interview. …

The little-used field next to the train station south of the State House has long been eyed as a place for development for everything from an Amazon corporate headquarters to, most recently, a bus hub. Among other things, the complexities of building around and above the Northeast Corridor rail line have squelched prior plans to use the train station land.

With our crumbling infrastructure, failing education system, deteriorating healthcare system, and struggling economy, perhaps the condition of old documents shouldn’t be a nine-figure priority just now.  Even putting priorities aside, however, we should worry that Rhode Island can’t make that bit of prime real estate so valuable a developer would be willing to find a solution for the train track challenge.

We need to start thinking big picture, around here.

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