What explains Rhode Island’s emissions increase?

The focus of the related article is explaining why the American Northwest was unique in the country in its increase in emissions from 2022 to 2023, but Rhode Island is a conspicuous red dot on Michael Thomas’s map:

curious_founder: In 2023 power emissions fell across the U.S. as they have for the last decade.

But they rose significantly in the Pacific Northwest, erasing some of the region's climate progress. 

So what happened?

If accurate, this result shows “net zero” proclamations to be so much hot air, but what happened? I’m only speculating, here, but I wonder if the result comes from our deteriorating infrastructure and punishing economic policy.  If infrastructure is inadequate, people will do things like run gas generators when the power goes out, and when businesses and households are struggling to make ends meet, they’re not going to invest in newer technologies, which will tend to be more efficient.

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