Be great if we talked more about young’ns voting.

Letting 17-year-olds vote in primaries if they’ll be eligible to vote in the associated general elections is certainly reasonable, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t note a pair of conspicuous questions along the way.

Firstly, why do Democrats seem always to want to expand voting toward the most manipulable constituencies?

Secondly (and perhaps relatedly), why do our beliefs about maturity seem to be moving in contrary directions?  Young adults can remain on their parents’ health insurance through the better part of their 20s, and they now typically stay in school nearly as late, where it’s apparently unfair to hold them accountable for the debt they incur.  We expect them to take less and less responsibility later and later in life.  Yet, the push is on to let them decide they want to mutilate their bodies to “become” the opposite sex at early ages and to let them vote on politicians who affect us all.

It’s almost like the intention is to keep them from growing up, confuse them, and then urge them to give government more power over our lives.

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