No, RIPEC, funding isn’t the problem in RI infrastructure.

It’s hard to believe this is the conclusion of the CEO of the “business-backed” Rhode Island Public Expenditure Council (RIPEC):

The state should consider alternatives pursued by other states like road usage charges, electric vehicle charging fees, increased registration fees for hybrid/electric vehicles, or tolls (especially if the state is unsuccessful in its appeal of the ruling in the truck toll court case).

Mo’ money, mo’ money.

Rhode Island does not have a funding problem.  It has a management and priority problem.  Adding to the cost of living and funneling more millions through our corrupt government will not solve the problem.

It’d be interesting for somebody to do a study of the percentage of new money that actually goes toward increased time-on-task for infrastructure in the Ocean State, versus new hiring, increased pay, and graft.  Unfortunately, RIPEC does not appear likely to be that somebody, despite being one of the vanishingly few groups with some resources and mission to do such things.

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