The March employment numbers tell an important story.

For those of us who’ve been mystified by economic news, E.J. Antoni’s summary of results from the March employment report is worth a read.  The key confusion is that “the headline numbers once again look good.”  Yet, all the jobs are part time, with Americans replacing their full-time jobs with multiple part-time ones to make ends meet.  This finding is found in both the divergence of measures that count workers and jobs and in the number of people working multiple jobs.

Meanwhile, hours per week are trending down, and the ratio of jobs that are government is growing.  Too few private-sector jobs are generating economic productivity to support the government jobs.  Moreover, most of the “private sector” jobs are actually in fields that are more like government satellites, like health care.

Now add the fact that labor-force participation is down, and the jobs are entirely going to people who are foreign born.  There’s nothing wrong with that, per se, but at a time of massive illegal immigration, it presents a troubling picture.

Things are not going well under Biden, no matter what the propagandists insist.

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