Don Roach

Interview: Secretary of State Candidate, Sue Stenhouse

By Don Roach | September 18, 2006 |

Recently, Anchor Rising had the opportunity to ask Republican Secretary of State Candidate, Sue Stenhouse, about her run for statewide office. AR: What do you believe is the most glaring problem currently within the Secretary of State’s office? SS: First and foremost, this Office has been lacking a dedicated leader for four years. Without a…

Lt. Governor Interview: Kerry King

By Don Roach | August 16, 2006 |

Anchor Rising: What, in your opinion, is the purpose of the Lt. Governor? How well do you believe the current Lt. Governor has fulfilled this role? Kerry King: The Lieutenant Governor’s Office is what you make out of it. Constitutionally, the lieutenant governor has advisory role responsibilities related to health care, small business development, and…

MBTA comes to Warwick

By Don Roach | July 17, 2006 |

From the Projo Blog: State, local and federal officials are scheduled to break ground at 1 p.m. today on a new intermodal train station next to T.F. Green Airport. The $222.5-million facility, including a parking garage and car rental businesses, will take up 1.5 million square feet and rise six stories. It will connect travelers…

Demanding Citizenship?! Arrogance at its worst

By Don Roach | May 1, 2006 |

Do I agree with the President’s guest worker visa program? Yes. Do I favor allowing more immigrants into this country? Again, yes. I believe we’re all immigrants unless we’re Native American, and that would only count for 1/16th of me and about 1/8th of my wife. Probably less for many millions of Americans. However, proponents…

What’s in a Tax Reform?

By Don Roach | February 3, 2006 |

RI House Leaders unwrapped a slew of tax reforms entitled the “Taxpayer Relief Act of 2006.” Here are the bullet points of the nine-point proposal: Personal Income Tax Reduction: Instead of the current rate of 9.9% of their federal taxable income, which is then subject to adjustments, deductions, and tax credits, taxpayers could elect to…

College Republicans Splinter for Laffey

By Don Roach | January 26, 2006 |

What’s this? An upstart group of college students is joining the efforts of a non-mainstream candidate to bring change to Rhode Island. The students are young, hip, and passionate about effecting change in Rhode Island and supporting the candidate who most closely characterizes Republican ideals. The baccalaureate degree candidates call themselves Students for Laffey, and…

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