Peculiar News from Lincoln

By Justin Katz | March 7, 2010 |

What’s this? [Lincoln] Town Administrator T. Joseph Almond is recommending a $70.1-million budget for the next fiscal year that would reduce the tax levy and scale back the School Committee’s budget request. The bottom line for the municipal and school budgets would increase by $123,015 in the fiscal year that starts July 1, but Almond…

Good for Students Versus Good for the Public Education Industry

By Justin Katz | February 12, 2010 |

Tom Ward writes on the success of Democracy Prep Blackstone Valley charter school in Cumberland, noting: “My concern, as the [Lincoln] superintendent (Georgia Fortunato), is that if they move into Fairlawn, Democracy Prep, people are going to think they are part of the Lincoln School Department and I think we are going to lose a…

The Pressure to Give and Give

By Justin Katz | March 30, 2009 |

There’s something very Rhode Island about a financial town meeting that admits non-resident outside guests and then adds half a million dollars to the school budget: The non-resident ban the Lincoln Town Council approved 4-1 last week stems in part from controversy over last May’s rollicking Town Meeting that increased this year’s school budget by…

Of Two Minds on Abstinence

By Justin Katz | December 22, 2008 |

An interesting juxtaposition of “role-model” attitude appears in Bob Kerr’s column from yesterday. On one hand: The kid eagerly raised his hand at the back of the room at the Lincoln Middle School. He had the answer. “A condom,” he said. Right he was. A condom is the safe way. Abstinence is probably not going…

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