Goading the Opposition

It has become a commonplace among right-leaning pundits that Democrats’ greatest problem is their reluctance to objectively assess the causes of their defeat and, more importantly, to reconsider their positions accordingly. Of course, that the observation is commonplace doesn’t make it untrue. Here’s Matt Russo, from Exeter, in a letter to the Providence Journal:

The call now is for unification. My own candidate said we must unite. I disagree.
I will never be as foolish as to accept the leadership of this president. He does not represent me. Everyone in the media talks as if family values and a moral lifestyle are distinctly Republican. The Northeast is being mocked at as some sort of lost culture.
I protest that notion as adamantly as I possibly can. I come from a Catholic background and I can trace my roots directly back to the founder of my state, Roger Williams. My morals and values, in my opinion, run as deep as my ancestral heritage. …
It is time for the Democrats to understand their failures. It is not time to bow down to the leadership of a wayward president. The time now is for Democrats to right their own course. The time is now to stand up, get off the mat, and begin to fight back.

Catholic blogger Mark Shea has found the perfect cartoon to illustrate how those on the other side of the aisle feel about this Democrat impulse.

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19 years ago

Ahh yes, fighting back. That worked so well to get Mr Kerry elected. Yes, please do some more of that.
I believe there’s a version of insanity that’s described as doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.
If the democrats want to permanently remain the minority party, please fight back. Please show the world how hateful and nasty you are. Nothing will help reassure a voter that you have a clue by being like that.

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