RE:And Never Shall They Meet

Complaining about lack of recognition too much would be unseemly. IMHO, in addition to being Counter Cultural in the Rhode Island sense, the other reasons that Providence Monthly neglected to mention my own Ocean State Blogger (low, low, traffic) and this very site (too new!) seem evident. However, there can be no other explanation than that implied by Justin for why his Dust In The Light blog was left off the list. The reason may not be nefarious either, it could simply be that the blogs frequented by Jen Senecal probably wouldn’t lead her to Justin. After all, I’m guessing that the fact that Sheila Lennon’s blog is listed first is because that was the starting point of Senecal’s research. Given the content of Lennon’s Subterranean Homepage News, I’m not surprised that no conservative blogs were mentioned.

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