A Note on the Interview

Email conversation with Sheila Lennon has persuaded me that my statement that “the news department of the Providence Journal is practically campaigning for a change in the law” should, instead, have read “the news department of the Providence Journal has practically advocated for same-sex marriage.” Lennon may not find that language any more accurate, from her point of view, but it better conveys what I’ve found to be the truth as I’ve followed the Projo’s coverage for Dust in the Light.
I can only insist that I intended no distortion and was merely attempting convey the palpable bias without tripping up the question with argumentation.
After some self-debate, I’ve gone ahead and made the change. However, I haven’t noted it in that post because it doesn’t strike me as enough of a shift to merit the distraction from the important part of the interview: Mr. Jacoby’s answers.

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