Inaugural Schadenfreude

What can one do but marvel that Providence Journal page B.01 columnist Bob Kerr would commit this to print:

It’s a day to be silly. We’re not just inaugurating a president; we’re inaugurating a whole new way of life in which the entire country becomes its own reality show. People watch us from other places, waiting for the next pileup, the next collision, the next national obsession with a criminal lowlife. We seldom disappoint our worldwide audience. …
We’ll be living a cartoon tomorrow. Let’s act appropriately.
I’ll try to get some friends together for an informal seminar on what books, if any, might show up on the shelves of the George W. Bush Presidential Library when it’s built sometime in 2010 over a prairie dog hole in west Texas. The Little Engine That Could? A Golfer’s Life? The Pet Goat?

What can one do but offer a shake of the head, a hearty laugh, and a suggestion that the liberal media has been living in a cartoon for as long as anyone can remember. (The laugh, by the way, is at the spectacle of the last denizens refusing to see Toontown in live-action.)
And yes, I want credit for resisting the obvious Democrat-related quips about a “national obsession with a criminal lowlife.”

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