Blue v. Red

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Rhode Island Republicans need a new policy strategy.

By Justin Katz | January 30, 2023 |

Two stories in the news recently have been nagging at me in combination over the past week.  The first is the Republican response to Democrat Governor Dan McKee’s State of the State address, as delivered by Senate Minority Leader Jessica de la Cruz.  Here’s the part that resonates particularly oddly: Where McKee called for cutting…

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Goyette is a problem for mainstream Democrats.

By Justin Katz | January 18, 2023 |

Or rather, he would be if anybody were reporting on the story.  As Republican state representative Brian Newberry noted a week ago on Twitter, Jordan Goyette’s story is not one that anybody in Rhode Island’s mainstream is keen to cover: If you picture the news media as a filtering machine, Goyette falls easily through one…

A teacher reads to children

Maybe we should try for a more-empathetic political atmosphere.

By Justin Katz | January 13, 2023 |

Somewhere or other in my social media flow, I recently came across the outrage of a moment, wherein a director of communications for a school district jumped in to halt a Dr. Seuss reading that had prompted discussion of America’s racial past: The assistant director of communications for Olentangy Local School District abruptly stopped the…

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Politics This Week with John DePetro: RI as Narrative Machine

By Justin Katz | January 9, 2023 |

John DePetro and Justin Katz pick apart the false image the establishment presents of the Ocean State.

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Politics This Week with John DePetro: Interesting (Maybe Dark) Times in RI

By Justin Katz | January 4, 2023 |

John DePetro and Justin Katz consider the year ahead for Rhode Island.

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Can the provaxers change their minds?

By Justin Katz | December 30, 2022 |

A skeptical reader can find many things worthy of comment in David McRaney’s How Minds Change even beyond the author’s central objective of training people how to manipulate others psychologically to implement radical policies.  Not wanting to write a book in response, I’ll probably just bring them up as they become relevant. One side point…

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Who Can Claim Cooperation as a Core Value

By Justin Katz | December 29, 2022 |

Whether Western Civilization is fundamentally build on a principle of cooperation is a fundamental philosophical dividing line in our current politics.

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Women attempting to enroll in Catholic seminaries as men point to a more-profound problem of sin and radical politics.

By Justin Katz | December 28, 2022 |

Grappling with matters of identity and the complicated experience of being human isn’t, of itself, the problem.  The follow-on transgressions, such as a willful action to deceive and undermine others’ beliefs based on false pretenses, are: “Recently, the Committee on Canonical Affairs and Church Governance was made aware of instances where it had been discovered…

A wolf removes its sheep mask

Another front that reasonable people in RI can’t forget.

By Justin Katz | December 23, 2022 |

I know, I know… put something else on the list why don’t you?  Well, this is an area that cannot be forgotten: Progressives have spent decades deliberately invading institutions with an eye toward turning them politically to their favor, which mean first making them political.  I’m not among those on the other side who believes…

A water drop and ripples

Being arrested for praying is on the road U.S. progressives are dragging us down.

By Justin Katz | December 22, 2022 |

Sure, yes, this is in England, which does not have a First Amendment: A charity volunteer has been arrested and charged on four counts after she told the police she “might” be praying silently, when questioned as to why she was standing on a public street near an abortion facility. This appears to be video…