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Congress is a better fit for Fung.

By Justin Katz | January 20, 2022 |

Having expressed deep skepticism, to the point of opposition, concerning the possibility that Allan Fung might run for governor again, I thought I should note that his running for the Congressional seat that Democrat Jim Langevin is opening up would be a very different matter: Former Cranston Mayor Allan Fung, a two-time Republican nominee for…

Boy in a library

Anybody who wants to help disadvantaged minorities should support this.

By Justin Katz | January 19, 2022 |

You can’t help but be moved by stories like this.  Similarly, you can’t miss the political reasons they aren’t more widely spread. [Denisha] Merriweather’s future looked bleak. “Teachers would sigh when I walked through the door,” she said of the district schools she attended. “Another Merriweather,” they would judge. “My family name was not that…

Sign reading "You'll Get It Eventually"

McCardle is wrong to saddle the Somewheres with election concerns.

By Justin Katz | January 18, 2022 |

Libertarian columnist for the Washington Post Megan McCardle appeared on Russ Roberts’s EconTalk podcast to talk about the late Roger Scruton’s contrast of the Somewheres, whose worldview is deeply tied to a sense of belonging somewhere, and the Anywheres, who (if I may attempt to summarize their desire charitably) want to feel at home wherever they may go. …

A water drop and ripples

The contrast in coverage of the Texas synagogue hostage situation has been remarkable.

By Justin Katz | January 17, 2022 |

Matt Margolis is completely right.  The rhetoric from the White House would be completely different if the perpetrator, the motive, and the victims weren’t as they were. It’s curious that Psaki failed to mention that the hostage situation was in a synagogue, wouldn’t you agree? While details are slim right now, it’s very clear that…

Two different scales

The conclusion is simple: what they expected was different from what happened.

By Justin Katz | January 13, 2022 |

Kevin Roche doesn’t mince words, and readers who generally agree with the point of view expressed hereabouts will enjoy his essay. but this paragraph is a good springboard for something I’ve found pretty obvious, lately: Nothing is going to stop the butt-kicking coming in November, but it will be magnitudes worse if we aren’t out…

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Even honest leftists see what a problem CRT and modern progressivism is.

By Justin Katz | January 13, 2022 |

I’m not sure why so many people miss this. It is in the nature of “progressivism” to “progress,” according to the lights of the ideology.  By definition, there is no destination short of perfection.  Moreover, there can’t even be a pause for evaluation as “progress” is made.  Wherever a new generation finds itself as a…

A building on fire

Social and mainstream media facilitates the mob-whipping progressives.

By Justin Katz | January 5, 2022 |

As un-fun as it no doubt was, Patricia Morgan’s experience as a sudden Emmanuel Goldstein for progressives across the country was an opportunity to observe how the mania mob is whipped up. At 10:02 a.m. on December 28, she tweeted the now-infamous comment about the loss of a black friend, presumably over the promulgation of…

A water drop and ripples

We’re watching the radicals define mainstream opposition right out of the conversation.

By Justin Katz | January 4, 2022 |

Interestingly, this is essentially the same point I just finished being proclaimed a racist for making with regard to the racial net worth gap, and an academic journal wouldn’t let a mainstream scholar make it: I suspect the real beef the ELJ Executive Board has with the essay is that Larry explicitly stated that racism…

A water drop and ripples

It’s still amazing to me that some folks malign GOP representatives for this.

By Justin Katz | December 17, 2021 |

Republican Representatives Marjorie Taylor Greene and Louie Gohmert visited the men being held in prison for involvement in January 6 and released a report of their findings. That this isn’t a subject of interest much more broadly is mind blowing.  In fact, much of the commentary I see treats it as somehow inappropriate of Greene…

A child being vaccinated

You’re not alone in vaccine hesitancy for young children.

By Justin Katz | December 15, 2021 |

Overly frightened people with a casual attitude about others’ right to disagree with them may be talking as if you’re unleashing death bombs on your community if you don’t subject your children to COVID-19 vaccines, but nationally, at least, you’re not alone: Around 29% of parents with kids ages 5 to 11 said their kid…

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