American Crusade for Life Unhallowed

Miguel Guanipa’s voice of reason has been trapped on my To Post list for a while:

Wherever there are children who dare recite the Pledge of Allegiance in a public school, judges who think the Ten Commandments should be displayed in the halls of justice, school principals who dare recite a prayer at a commencement affair, or citizens who dare suggest that offensive sexually explicit material should be removed from the hands of sexual predators, there you will inevitably find the ACLU valiantly persevering in its culturally dissonant crusade against them, until the cautionary voices of reason are finally silenced.

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Donald B. Hawthorne
Donald B. Hawthorne
19 years ago

Justin: A beautifully worded letter from Mr. Guanipa. It reminded me of a recent Wall Street Journal editorial. Don

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