“Get On Board Now” — Good Advice, That!

The guys at PRESSblog, a Rhode Island blog for marketers, have reviewed a number of Southern New England blogs “to determine what value they might have to advertisers.” Although I may be, you know, mildly biased, I think they give some great advice when it comes to Anchor Rising:

Will Appeal to: Republican candidates for office, especially in Rhode Island. In fact, a savvy candidate would look to get on board now to help early fundraising. It can also appeal to organizations supporting conservative causes, including those pushing for a federal marriage amendment or, more locally, opposing a Rhode Island casino.

I’d also add a general consideration that PRESSblog doesn’t mention, perhaps because it’s somewhat outside of the offline advertising model. As described in a recent article about comment spam, blogs are disproportionately powerful when it comes to reaching the top of the list created by search engine algorithms. Investment in a few relatively inexpensive, long-running ads could ensure that a particular site makes the first page of a Google search for relevant terms.
So, for any of a host of reasons, any savvy candidates out there should feel free to email me at any time to help with our their fundraising!
It occurs to me that we haven’t noted the paid text ads that we already have on the Sponsors tab at left.
As a general policy, although we will attempt reasonable diligence, advertising doesn’t necessarily equal endorsement. If we’ve experience with an advertiser’s product, we will likely write about it, and if we need something that an advertiser has on offer, we would probably take the opportunity to try it out. We also welcome feedback from readers about their own experiences.

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