Falling from Thoughts of Heaven

After the twelfth of the twenty-four episodes of Lost’s first season, religious viewers thought they’d taken another step toward inclusion in mainstream culture, as represented by television and film. (Or at least one religious viewer did.) Lost treated religion seriously — acknowledging it as part of the society in which we live. Without a tone of sneering irony, as is expected in one direction, and without the feel of saccharine sincerity, as is expected in the other, two characters prayed to the “Heavenly Father” right at the end of a hit show that isn’t definingly faith-based.
Well, by the two-hour season finale, it seemed as if Lost’s creators had banned the word “God” except as an expression of emphasis. I can’t help but wonder, as I have in my latest column for TheFactIs.org, whether “Religion’s Gone Missing on ‘Lost.'”

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