A Curious Title?

I’m sure I’m not alone among Anchor Rising writers in feeling a glimmer of hope when such letters as Melbourne Fisher’s appear in the paying press:

Columnists Bob Kerr and Charlie Bakst get plenty of ink, and the “loyal opposition” gets an occasional letter to the editor. Keep Bob and Charlie; just get another writer who gives your socially conservative readers a column to read.

But the title that the Projo gives the letter (at least online) reads a bit more like a response to, than a summary of, Fisher’s complaint: “Conservatives need not apply.”

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17 years ago

Kerr is a joke. I was particularly struck by his column the other day in which he claimed that the local media should be more careful when parking trucks on the Korean War Memorial in Downtown Providence, to not do so according to Kerr would be “disrespectful” to Veterans. I guess Kerr didn’t see the color photo of the same Memorial that appeared in the Journal a few weeks back. That photo was taken at an Anti War rally and the Memorial had clearly been defaced by a protester. Then again maybe he did see it and just figures it was an acceptable form of protest.

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