… and on BSR 88.1FM on Monday Night

I’ll be part of a segment about the casino issue on the Brown Student Radio show Off the Beat, which airs tomorrow night at (I believe) 7:30 p.m. Those in the Providence area can tune in to 88.1 FM, but anybody the world ’round can listen to the live stream on bsrlive.com.

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17 years ago

Quick and to the point.

The Senescent Man
17 years ago

Anchor Rising’s Justin Katz was on BSR

(Brown Student Radio 88.1 FM) for all of about a nanosecond this evening commenting on the Casino Issue. A replay is available on the BSR web site.
But, I should add, that that is all he needed to square away proponents of a casino in RI. This one…

17 years ago

Should at least give RI EDC an idea of where to focus…if they read it.

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