I don’t know what’s more depressing….

… that Anna Nicole Smith plays such a large role in these graphs, or that the 2008 election does. Anchor Rising is finally recovering from readers’ hangover from the last election. Can’t we all take some time to learn, consider, and argue matters more substantial than Playmates and political gamesmanship?

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17 years ago

Justin —
The sad reality is that it’s a lot easier for our friends in the media to talk about Anna Nicole and candidate polling numbers than it is to research and report on real issues.
Barack Obama is a perfect example of how celebrity coverages eclipses reporting. Having watched tons of coverage of him, I couldn’t tell you three things that he’s done in the Senate, or even from his Illinois legislature days. I do know, however, that he’s smart, young, and very charismatic. (According to Joe Biden, he’s clean and articulate, too)

17 years ago

I just find it amusing that most men deny paternity when a woman they’ve had a fling with bears a child. Anybody who’s ever been close enough to ANS to sniff her perfume is claiming they fathered this kid.
Didn’t “Million Dollar Baby” used to be a boxing film?

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