For Those Who Say There’s No Good News Coming Out of Iraq

On NBC10, Rocco provides some personal perspective on the good news that nobody’s apparently been hearing. For example:

I spent some time in the Green Zone, and when I first got there, three or four times a day, my office would shake, the windows would rattle, and we’d look up at the black clouds from the car bombs, vest bombs. And when I left the Green Zone back in May, once every three or four days we’d hear something.

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16 years ago

There’s a novel concept…actually discuss the issues of Iraq with those who have been there. Marines and soldiers are returning every day. They are the ones and only ones who can provide a true perspective of the war. Rocco, I look forward to seeing you again real soon.

16 years ago

But, Jim, it’s more fun to pontificate from a different continent without first hand data.

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