Kerr Must Be in the Index…

Bob Kerr somehow got his hands on a copy of Rescuing Providence blogger (and regular AR commenter) Michael Morse’s forthcoming book of that name, and he really thinks you should read it:

Morse has been an emergency medical technician (EMT) and firefighter in Providence for 16 years. He is one of those people, like most who work at firehouses, who are hooked on the job. Despite the falling-down fatigue that comes with call after call, he would have it no other way.
He has been a writer for a lot of years too. It is tough to say just when that part of him kicked in. He remembers his days at Bishop Hendricken High School, where he did not light up the honor roll. But he got that B in English once. There were some early indications that he could do things with the language.
And he has. He’s written a book, and it’s so damn good that I can’t stand this guy. I mean, just where does he get off climbing out of a rescue wagon and writing with this kind of feeling and pace and vivid recollection?

Oh to be so good that Kerr can’t stand you! I guess we mere citizens will have to wait until October 1st to stoke similar resentment of Mr. Morse.

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16 years ago

Now that Michael has made it big, I just hope he doesn’t forget the blog that launched his career …

16 years ago

I’ve never been resented, kind of looking forward to it! Thanks for the plug, much appreciated.

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