Pat Takes the Stand

Patrick Crowley took the podium making his case for the teachers’ to be paid for striking, and I can see that the teachers, at least those in attendance, are not but so embarrassed by his antics.
He began his presentation by insisting that he be able to cross examine administrators. The committee’s lawyer stated that it isn’t a trial, so there would be no questions.
A few minutes later, one of the committee members posed a question to Crowley, who asked, “Is that a question?” Then he turned around with a smirk and invited the audience to laugh and hoot; they complied.
What seemed clear to me (a member of the public), as the committee wrapped up the issue and declined the grievance with respect to pay, was that Crowley and the union had set themselves up for such summary treatment. Frankly, I wouldn’t feel obliged to offer courtesies either.
Subsequent quips and jeers have solidified that impression.
In fairness, I should note that I laughed aloud when Crowley misspoke and said that the teachers should be paid for “a day of work,” quickly correcting his statement to something on the order of “a pay day.”
I encourage the school committee to fight this one as far as the union insists on taking it.

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16 years ago

“The committee’s lawyer stated that it isn’t a trial, so there would be no questions.”
How can Pat fight for truth, justice and the American way if he is going to be dragged down by these technicalities??

16 years ago

I find the union representation of teachers quite appropriate. There’s little professionalism in either camp. Am amused that Ducky chose not to chime in on this thread. That silence speaks loudly!

16 years ago

We love you Pat! You’re the gift that keeps on giving. Showing the public employee unions for what they are. You and the ravishing (LOL) Marcia Reback.

16 years ago

The problem with guys like Crowley is that while they can “rouse the rabble” base, they offend the average onlooker.
Liberal, conservative, it doesn’t matter. If you’re always throwing bombs, people eventually get tired of you.

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