He’s Baaack

Don Imus will return to the radio airwaves.

Embattled radio jock Don Imus is close to inking a multimillion-dollar deal to return to radio with Citadel Broadcasting, owner of ABC Radio Networks.
The deal, expected to be finalized this week, would put Imus back on the air Dec. 3 on WABC-AM in New York City, the nation’s largest talk-radio station.

Imus will not be national at this point.

… unless Citadel syndicates the show or he lands a TV deal, Imus becomes a well-paid but local personality with limited national pull.

The Drudge Report, which broke the story this morning, is suggesting that one subject – possibly “target” is more accurate – of the show will be the junior Senator from New York:

Imus is said to be particularly incensed by Senator Hillary Clinton’s “shameless exploitation” of the Rutgers situation.
The senator, who Imus has called “satan” and the “devil”, traveled to Rutgers in April to praise the women’s basketball team for its response to the controversy. In a campaign email, Hillary called Imus’s comments “small-minded bigotry and coarse sexism.”

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16 years ago

I knew the good ‘ol boys of big corporate media would take care of the I-Man.
And Imus is no fool – he knows going on the attack against Hillary will get him syndicated on the conservative talk radio circuit. With a little repackaging, he’ll be as big and rich as ever, and in great position to capitalize if Rush goes off his meds permanently.
Don’t be surprised if he ends up on 790 The Score replacing another trash show. Opie & Anthony didn’t turn out to be the morning ratings bonanza The Score hoped for (I wonder if that’s why GM Jim Brinson recently left).

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