A School Committee Meeting as It Should Be (Without Crowley)

Tonight’s Tiverton School Committee meeting gave a taste of how things might operate in a union-free school district: a quiet and respectful audience; parents and teachers making reports and suggestions as if giving testimony as concerned and/or informed parties; a general feel of give and take. In other words, there wasn’t the sense that a lynching atmosphere was building over relatively small negotiation items for the packages of well-paid professionals.
As always, I wish more parents and citizens would make a point of attending these things. Witnessing the meetings at their worst, and contrasting them at their best, is extremely edifying.

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16 years ago

In a perfect world more parents would attend school committee meetings. But this isn’t a perfect world. Parents feel they are waisting there time if they go to meetings because the unions rule. So whatever a union wants a union gets. I keep hearing it’s all about the kids. BUNK. It’s all about the unions and the teachers getting what they can and let me tell you they work real hard at it too. If they worked that hard at getting enough books for the kids then maybe the parents would attend. I’m not teacher bashing but I will say there are some that shouldn’t be there and then there are some that deserve everything they get. Somewhere the line has to be drawn and we have to say enough is enough. Unions aren’t what they used to be, we actually have no use for them in this day and age. We need to get rid of them.

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