Environmentalists Mugged by Reality

This article would have been noteworthy based simply on pure irony:

The rush to grow biofuel crops — widely embraced as part of the solution to global warming — is actually increasing greenhouse gas emissions rather than reducing them, according to two studies published Thursday in the journal Science.
One analysis found that clearing forests and grasslands to grow the crops releases vast amounts of carbon into the air — far more than the carbon spared from the atmosphere by burning biofuels instead of gasoline. …
Even converting existing farmland from food to biofuel crops increases greenhouse gas emissions as food production is shifted to other parts of the world, resulting in the destruction of more forests and grasslands to make way for farmland, the second study found.

But comments by University of Minnesota economist and ecologist Jason Hill (whose political persuasion I do not know) transform it into an emblematic text:

“We’re rushing into biofuels, and we need to be very careful,” said Jason Hill, an economist and ecologist at the University of Minnesota who co-authored the study. “It’s a little frightening to think that something this well intentioned might be very damaging.”

Yes. It’s a frightening road between where you want to arrive and how you have to get there.

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16 years ago

Even if biofuel crops were lower in greenhouse gas emissions, consider that the propaganda practically writes itself.
“The fat-a** Americans are starving the rest of the world by burning food in their fat-a** SUVs.”
When they come up with a way to convert garbage and non-food organics, I’ll be more interested.

16 years ago

And don’t forget the growing dead zone being created in the ocean by Iowa’s booming gov’t subsidized and far from carbon neutral bio-diesel corn crop.
As to your point, Chuck, even if we were all driving cars that get 75 mpg, it wouldn’t be right. Food for survival is a higher priority than fuel to drive around with.

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