Can’t Blame ‘Em

Filling in for Dan Yorke on 630WPRO, Matt Allen’s been talking about the ability of apparent prosperity to elevate men’s chances when it comes to wooing attractive women. I emailed him that the thought that money bought love used to really bother me. Recently, though, the amount that I work, the struggles to get by, the lack of resources for anything that falls short of necessity, especially in light of our children — these things have helped me to understand why the guys driving by my Newport construction site in their BMW SUVs so often have attractive passengers.
I can’t blame the women. The life that you’ll be able to have together is certainly a factor in one’s attraction to potential mates, and money, prosperity, is a key marker.
I will say, however, that I’m glad that I looked unreasonably likely to be successful, when I was younger. It’s too late for my wife; she’s too heavily invested, at this point.

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