A Few Sunday Quick Hits

A handful of items that are blogworthy, but not extensive, have been building up on my desk, so herewith, some quick hit thoughts:

  1. An objection was made, last week, to my mention of the exceedingly sparse Projo Jobs section that it was a holiday weekend and thus hardly representative. Well today’s Jobs section may (or may not) have a greater number of smaller ads than larger ones, but it’s still pitifully small. I repeat: cut taxes… now… drastically.
  2. Somebody in a position to hear things has told me to keep my eye on Tiverton-related news in the next few days because something affecting me, as a resident, is soon to be announced. The comment was so vague that I’m not even sure whether it was a warning or a promise. My blind guess (in keeping with a surmise already expressed) is that the school committee is going to file a Caruolo Act lawsuit to recoup the $100,000 that constituted its share of the so-called “compromise” budget.
  3. The bad news: Rhode Island is one of only 11 states currently in economic recession, and the only one in New England, and (according to a Lynn Arditi article from Friday that I can’t find online) will likely stay there “through the third-quarter of next year” — that’s fall 2009 (at least).
  4. As more of a reminder than anything: we’re winning the war against terrorism.
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16 years ago

Regarding item #1, I was talking about this a few days ago with my brother and one of the reasons the classifieds are smaller, acknowledging the economy right now, is that alot of companies are now using the internet to recruit. It’s faster and sometimes cheaper and gives a bigger applicant pool. Go into Monster, Careerbuilder, and the others and you will find more hits that aren’t in the paper.

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