Friday Night on Sunday

I’ve been remiss in not noting that readers who missed Andrew’s appearance on Matt Allen’s Violent Round Table can download the hour here.

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15 years ago

Since you posted a phoney photoshopped
picture of Obama on the net,for all the world to see.
Is it OK with you if I photoshop the
photo of you that I found at google images,and post it on the net.
I could add you face to—–
1. a man’s nude body on a gay porn site
2. the guy with the “God Hates Fags sign” at the Westboro Baptist Church
or—or ???? any ideas anyone
is that OK with you ?
Just Kidding- PUKNS like you are not worthy of my photoshop expertise

15 years ago

“Just Kidding- PUKNS like you are not worthy of my photoshop expertise”
If your “photoshop expertise” is as lethal as your spelling expertise I doubt Justin has much to worry about..

Justin Katz
15 years ago

That picture of Obama has been so widely circulated that I doubt Anchor Rising has added much to its audience.
Whatever the case, I sure do hear the sound of progressive jackboots in the night when you comment.

15 years ago

So sensitive are the so called progressives… What really does a picture really stir up inside those heads of yours, what are you so afraid of? This is not an “OJ” moment… So don’t grt your panties in a twist there… it is only a picture. Any intelligent person knows that it is not real, are you afraid it will sway a voter or two? This much is for sure, if it only takes a photoshoped photo to persuade the masses then, were in more trouble then you could ever imagine.

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