Second Chances for Incumbents

Yeah, it’s not difficult to see where this is going:

In a court-ordered recount yesterday, victories by Michael J. Pinga and Erin C. Lynch were upheld by the Board of Elections, but state Sen. Stephen D. Alves’ quest to retain his seat on Smith Hill isn’t over just yet.
After already recounting the votes from the primary elections in Warwick and West Warwick a month ago, the state Supreme Court demanded they be counted again, this time including all regular, mail and provisional ballots.
Pinga still beat Alves, the Senate Finance chairman, this time by 17 votes…
Alves has asked the state Supreme Court to order an entirely new election. His appeal is based on 18 questionable ballots that were cast in the primary election — 15 of which were cast by Republicans voting in the Democratic primary. And there were three fewer signed voter forms than there were ballots cast.
Because there are more questionable ballots than Pinga’s margin of victory, Taveras says a new election is warranted.

So, they tried a few different recount methods until they got one that achieved the “questionable ballot” threshold, and now they’ll seek a redo. The interesting behind-the-scenes question (should the legislature’s investment in judicial goodwill pay off for Alves) is whether the unions that endorsed Pinga will consider Alves duly chastened and in-hand and give him his seat back.

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15 years ago

Not so fast…
Unfortunately for Alves the WW Board of Canvassers has already stated there were only 10 Republicans who voted in the Primary.
The others were Democrats who voted in the wrong precinct.
So much for the “questionable ballot” threshold!
Has Tavares provided a list of names to the Press or is he just throwing out numbers and hoping no one will question the veracity of his claim?
No matter how one does the math, there is no way Alves can win!
The larger issue here is whether or not Tavares is pursuing this for Alves knowing full well, his claim of 15 Republicans is questionable?
Will the Supreme Court sanction him and Alves?
Will Rhode Islanders call or email the Supreme Court to express their outrage and ask for sanctions?
Chief Justice Williams: 401-222-3290
Justice Francis X. Flaherty (401) 222-3285
Justice Maureen McKenna Goldberg (401) 222-3280
Justice William P. Robinson III (401) 222-3775
Justice Paul A. Suttell (401) 222-3943
In the Projo story on the latest recount it was noted “Robert Kando, executive director of the Board of Elections, said Thursday that the recounts have forced the agency to hire additional staff to prepare voting machines for the general election on Nov. 4. And the secretary of state’s office has been waiting for the final results so it can finish printing the ballots for the two races.”
Don’t we have a budget deficit?
Where is the outrage over this travesty?
Pinga was more succinct “The Board of Elections and the Supreme Court have been more than lenient in granting Senator Alves’ requests,” he said. “I hope he can accept these results and move on and stop wasting the taxpayers’ money.”

15 years ago

The Board of Elections should have the Alves campaign pay for the additional staff. And Pinga should be continuing his “campaign” calling on Alves to reimburse the taxpayers for this egotistical foray.

15 years ago

“the WW Board of Canvassers has already stated there were only 10 Republicans who voted in the Primary.”
“his claim of 15 Republicans”
It is a little disturbing that the Chair of the Senate Finance Committee doesn’t understand the difference between the number ten and the number fifteen.

Citizen Critic
Citizen Critic
15 years ago

See here for more info on Senator Steven Alves:

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