A Penny Taxed, a Penny Wasted

Channel 12 reporter Tim White did some surveillance of the Providence Sewer Department and in part 1 revealed some observations that certainly wouldn’t seem to have involved isolated incidents, this one in particular:

His name – Anthony Cipriano, Jr. Records show Cipriano is a heavy equipment operator for the sewer department, and a shop steward for the local 1033 laborer’s union. We also caught him misusing a city truck.
Target 12 cameras capture Cipriano miles away from work, running errands in city trucks for hours; all against city policy.
We catch him: twice taking the city truck into Cranston to pick something up from his second job at a security firm; stopping at a Cranston bank;and several times driving to a North Providence hair salon and staying for more than an hour.
On this day, Cipriano arrives at work at 10:30 in the morning. Two hours later, he leaves and arrives at a Cranston dentist’s office. More than an hour later, he departs.
Thinking he’s heading back to work, we get in front of him. We’re wrong.
“Oh burger king… Burger king.”
Apparently, now it’s lunch time.
On this five-hour work day, Cipriano spends nearly two hours on personal business.

According to the Transparency Train, sponsored by OSPRI (PDF), Cipriano’s total compensation in 2007 was $77,299, including base pay of $46,006.88 and $8,084.93 (the rest being the cost of benefits). The other sewer employee caught in impropriety in the segment, foreman Anthony Greenwood received $85,199.14, with salary and overtime of $55,453.75 and $5,292.38.
Part 2 airs tonight, and the preview highlights supervisor Algot Abrahamson, whose remuneration was $82,715.38, with salary and overtime of $63,913.71 and $4,793.54.

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15 years ago

Dog bites man story.
Unfortunately so for all of us.
Dear Mayor Cicilline – don’t bother knocking on my door looking for more of my money via the state. I moved out of Providence 22 years ago because of shenanigans like this. Same old, same old. Regards to your brother….

15 years ago

Tip of the iceberg. For every one of these guys that Tim White, or Hummel, or Taricani finds ripping off the taxpayer and exposes, there are 500 others that never get caught.

15 years ago

Chris is right, how else does Chris Hansen do about 25 DatelineNBC “To Catch a Predator” episodes, each with about 10 perps, some that have even seen the show and know who Hansen is!
Exposing people doesn’t stop many others, it’s the really dumb ones who think they’re too smart to get caught.

Tom W
Tom W
15 years ago

Public or private sector, just look for the union label and you’ll find featherbedding, sloth and protection of slackers and incompetents.
For example, as our tax dollars are being used to bailout the UAW automakers in Detroit, check out this video to see what the money being taken from your paycheck is really being used for:

15 years ago

Cane we just start calling Cipriano “Beautiful”?

15 years ago

As Chris said, how many others?
By the way, will this guy get a pension? Do you still qualify for a pension if you haven’t actually worked your “job”?

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