Perpetually Requiring a Helping Hand

This will be the final post of our week of rattling the cup. Thank you to all who have donated and subscribed online, as well as to those whose snailmail donations have not yet arrived. Unless a substantial surprise awaits us, we’re still a long way from the goal of funding a full-time job, but readers’ generosity has certainly made it possible for us to forge ahead and expand our activities. As with the reclamation and recovery of Rhode Island, our advance will be incremental.
Although we’re wrapping up our formal blogathon (so to speak), I’d note that the links to donate and subscribe will remain on the left-hand side of the page for use throughout the year. I’d also suggest, for those who are uncomfortable about or disinclined toward monetary contributions, that we’d welcome anything that might further our mission. Gift certificates, for example, to technology stores and such would help us to remained armed. If somebody were interested in helping us to fund Internet access via cell phone service, we’d be better able to generate content. And if readers would like more coverage of their regions of the state, gift subscriptions to local papers would not be wasted (but coordinate this one with me so that we avoid unnecessary duplications).
In similar fashion, we continue to request donations of effort. Engaged Citizen posts certainly advance our cause. Coverage of events that we cannot attend would expand the utility of the site.
But in the meantime:
Subscriptions of $0.25 per day (payments of $7.60 per month) and donations of any size may be made using credit cards via PayPal (no PayPal account is necessary) by clicking the following:

Those who would prefer the more direct route of checks or money orders can make them out to Anchor Rising and send them to:

Anchor Rising
P.O. Box 751
Portsmouth, RI 02871

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15 years ago

So, you believe in welfare for your website, but not for actual humans?

Justin Katz
15 years ago

Actually, we’re asking for money freely given, as people often provide money for goods, services, and charities, none of which are welfare.

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